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Ecological function of PU synthetic leather market share gains possession Applications

Post date: 2014/4/11 9:28:35 From: Chun Teng Trading Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City
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PU synthetic leather, two trends are ecological and functional , both with eco-friendly nature , but also with the excellent performance of PU synthetic leather , often called the ecological functions of PU synthetic leather , are high-end products , representing synthetic leather the future direction of the industry.
 Ecological PU synthetic leather which are consistent with " Chinese eco synthetic leather " and " China Environmental Labeling Product " requirements and technical conditions of synthetic leather EU environmental standards . Eco-friendly PU synthetic leather sex usually consists of four levels: First, raw materials and renewable resources , the production process does not pollute the environment ; Second, the process will not cause harm to the health and safety of workers ; Third consumption during use the safety and health and the environment is not compromised ; Fourth excellent products with excellent environmental performance , the waste can not degrade the environment or cause new pollution in natural conditions. PU synthetic leather functionality including physical and mechanical properties , flame retardant , waterproof breathable , antibacterial antifungal, anti- oil stain resistance, high frequency fervent resistance, acid and alkali hydrolysis , etc. , considering the indicators , with natural leather, PU synthetic leather and even ordinary microfiber PU synthetic leather , compared the ecological functions of PU synthetic leather in terms of functionality to be more superior .
   In recent years, the ecological function of PU synthetic Gezheng its affordable , high physical properties , versatility , environmental protection and other advantages in the application of artificial leather synthetic leather occupies the downstream market share gradually, gradually replace PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic ordinary leather and natural leather products.
Leather synthetic leather according to the needs of major downstream industry analysis, because of the " ordinary PVC artificial leather production line" development projects included in the restricted category , while the green barriers European Union , Japan and other countries have greatly limited the consumption of PVC artificial leather . Therefore, in the future development , PU synthetic leather, especially focusing on the ecological and functional PU synthetic leather demand growth will be significantly higher than the industry average.
 Fujian Baolite Group adhere integrated combination of research and innovation, market-oriented development of new products . Actively involved in science and technology projects , especially in terms of reporting, new products, development of new materials , research firm management strategy model , such as the establishment of the laboratory . On modified polyurethane research and investment at the forefront of eco- functional PU synthetic leather research and application areas , the development of sound , can be scrubbed , flame retardant, antibacterial and antifungal eco-friendly home decor leather, effectively overcome the wallpaper is easy mildew, easy to Alice, not dirt , and other shortcomings can not be repaired after the wrinkle , the company developed eco-friendly decoration decorative leather has become the field of new materials.


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