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Environmental legislation caused a huge impact on the leather industry enterprises to pay attention

Post date: 2014/4/11 9:28:25 From: Chun Teng Trading Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City
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Environmental legislation incorporated into the Criminal Code is not long, but it has a great impact on China's leather industry. Previously, the country has tannery sewage problems because the person concerned has been sentenced to prison. Recently, the Guangdong region has several tannery, were taken into custody because someone sewage substances exceeding some restricted content, there is a criminal investigation was, which caused restlessness in the industry. Tannery effluent discharge of harmful substances in the past exceeded, then mostly suspend production for rectification, fines and other administrative penalties are more common. Environmental legislation is now incorporated into the Criminal Code after some tanning companies do not attract enough attention, so that there are companies hit by a series of red, also hit the early entry into force of environmental law cusp, as a typical case, becoming the tanning industry suffered environmental management upgrade punished by the law of turning mark. The occurrence and treatment of these cases, once again warning the industry, environmental governance must play hardball, can no longer keep any luck, otherwise, it can only be harmful to others.


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