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Uruguay leather industry will rally comeback

Post date: 2014/4/11 9:28:21 From: Chun Teng Trading Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City
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According to Uruguayan media-related reports, in the past decade, the country's leather industry in South America resulted in 7,000 workers laid off. 

       Currently, Uruguay tannery can provide about 2,500 jobs, but industry sources said, "the development of long-term malaise Uruguay leather industry, especially in the more sluggish global economic crisis erupted in 2008. Nowadays Uruguay leather industry will rise again, slowly recovering from the recession in. 

       Uruguay will fully backs against the wall next year, the leather industry representatives said that the Uruguayan authorities should take measures to prevent the export of raw hides. Uruguay slaughterhouse annual slaughter of about 2 million, but there are about 250,000 of raw hides and skins annually flow overseas, which is very unfavorable domestic leather industry development.


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