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Indian leather industry plagued by labor shortages as

Post date: 2014/4/11 9:28:17 From: Chun Teng Trading Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City
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Indian leather textile industry experienced a difficult year, it is expected this fiscal year as the global economic recovery as well as to explore emerging markets, exports are expected to pick up. This will help the government ease the trade deficit, despite these serious labor shortages in the industry may still disappointing. 
       Treasury odd · Chidambaram (P Chidambaram) said: "If the next seven months, exports to increase, it will be possible to control India's trade deficit increased." 
       With the global economic recovery, the Indian fiscal year 2014 exports of leather and leather goods is expected to reach $ 5.75 billion, while textile exports will achieve the target of $ 17 billion. But the premise is that these labor-intensive industries to solve the biggest challenges currently facing - labor shortages. 
       Over the past few years, these industries because of operational difficulties, drastic cuts: now needs to pick up, they began to need more workers. 
        President of India's raw leather tanners and traders associations M Rafeeque Ahmed said: "If you add $ 1 billion in exports, we need 200,000 to 300,000 in the labor force."


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