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 Jt-28065 PU leather PVC leather shoes luggage leather


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PS: there are many colors to choose from on the color card! If you prefer which color, just report the product model and color card number. Orders are welcome.
Warm prompt: due to the problem of shooting light and Angle, the product will show lines and color deviation. If you need to order the sample, please contact our customer service and ask for it. The color, handle and quality of the mass goods shall be confirmed as the actual sample. Environmental standard en71-3 can be customized; ROHS standards; 6P and 7P standards; REACH15 standards; REACH138 standard. Welcome to make the sample.
Minimum order quantity and price standard: minimum order quantity of shoe leather is 100 yards, minimum order quantity of luggage leather is 100 yards.
The price of product varies from grain, thickness, cloth base, environmental protection requirements and material requirements, and the accurate price shall be sent to the customer service

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